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Universal Laundries TipsA few tips to make your laundry come out perfect every time:

Wash all of your clothes inside out to protect the fibers against damage from the washing machine drum or from other things such as zippers in other clothes
Follow label instructions for drying your clothes. Some fabrics require that you tumble dry them in low heat, or that you don't tumble dry them at all.
Most modern washing machines produce effective results even when they are completely full. Therefore, you should fill the machine completely instead of running it half full.

Prior to laundering your clothing, make sure to double check your pockets! Coins, bobbypins, lighters, crayons, etc. can not only damage your clothes but they can also cause the machine to fail as well.

What are the key benefits for HE washers?
Less Water
Since there is no need to suspend laundry during the wash cycles, HE washers require only enough water to saturate fabrics. As a result, these machines can use up to 70% less water than regular washers.
Better Washing Results
The rotation and compression of laundry inside the drum moves water and detergent through clothes, resulting in a great clean.
Treats Garments More Gently
A tumbling action is more gentle on fabrics than the movement of rotating agitators found in regular washers, keeping your clothes looking better for longer.
Saves Energy
HE machines use less water than traditional machines. As a result, less energy is required to heat the water for warm wash settings. Additionally, these washers use a high-speed spin cycle to remove most of the remaining water after rinsing, which allows for shorter drying time and additional energy savings.

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Shanna’s Laundry Tips

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